Focus: Governance, Training, Community Development, Cultural Development

The department is managed by the Principal Development Officer, to whom 13 Community Development Officers (CDOs) report. Twelve (12 ) CDOs are deployed in the various sub-regions of Region 1, 7, 8,  and 9,  while  one (1) CDO covers the Coastal regions.

The CDOs monitor all village activities and projects. Likewise, they facilitate visits of government officials, provide logistical information to authorized representatives of governmental organizations, NGOs, and CBOs. They usually represent the Ministry in Village activities and may be tasked to address certain issues within their jurisdiction and within the purview of their job descriptions.

Community Development Officers Management

  • – Prepare and conduct training of CDOs on a regular basis based on sound training needs assessment;
  • – Monitor activities of CDOs weekly in accordance with established workplans and budgets submitted by CDOs;
  • – Monitor all activities taking place in all villages through constant coordination with CDOs, village officials and regional officials;
  • – Evaluate performance of CDOs based on a sound Performance Appraisal System;


Community Development

Represent MoAA, when needed, as member of committees/task –force composed of Village and regional leaders, Youth, Women, and other stakeholders in Community Development;

  • – Create a log of all activities and major industries for each village
  • – Work closely with the other Specialists in the Projects Department and propose advanced methods of sustainable development
  • – Provide education and training to Amerindian Communities to foster job creation and wealth management


NTC and Heritage Month

Lead all preparations for the Toshao Council, Heritage Month, and CDO quarterly meetings;

  • – Prepare logistical support for the transportation and accommodation of Toshaos/village officials attending the NTC and heritage month
  • – Prepare an annual programme for Heritage and coordinate the cultural nights;


Anthropology and Archeology

Conduct research on anthropology, traditional knowledge, biodiversity and other cultural practices in coordination with the University of Guyana, UNESCO and other related agencies;

  • – Draft project proposals/help villages draft project proposals in support for archeological areas/protected areas;
  • – Recommend international/local researchers and evaluate their project proposals before entry to any Amerindian village;


Risk Management

Reports all urgent matters that need immediate Ministerial action through an established risk reporting systems;

  • – Report all activities taking place in all villages; and see to it that such are done in accordance with village rules and the Amerindian Act 2006;


Assets Management

Gather data on Village assets and maintain an inventory of assets of each village.

Village Election

Help monitor the conduct of every village elections, and submit reports regarding election results with corresponding database.