The Projects Department is one of the departments of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs. This department is the main implementation arm of the Ministry that assists in the conceptualization, development, implementation and monitoring of programmes and projects in Indigenous communities.

The Projects Department comprises of specialized skills in project management, environmental economics, natural resources management and rural development which combine to create and sustain the institutional capacity required to fulfill the Ministry’s mandate.

The main focus of the department is primarily on projects implementation, monitoring and evaluation, policy development, strategic planning, advocacy, resource generation geared towards the development of Indigenous villages/communities.

The Ministry has developed a Sustainable Development Framework which is a strategic tool designed to ensure more effective and efficient support to the Indigenous villages.

It will assist villages craft their developmental vision and priority plans, strengthen accountability and transparency at the village level, improve on coordination with all actors, and assist the state to monitor and report on the various local, national and international sustainable development goals including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the projects managed by the Department include:

Presidential Grants

Women’s Small Business

Language Revival

Cultural Enhancement initiatives

Hinterland School Uniform


Community and Infrastructure Development

Information Communication & Technology

Agricultural Development Projects