The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs Capital Project forms part of the Amerindian Development Fund – National Budgetary allocation to support the implementation of critical projects in Amerindian Villages and Communities.

These projects are in direct responses to requests coming from the villages and communities, especially requests that are made at the Annual National Toshaos’ Council Conference.

Over the years, these projects have been established to increase infrastructural and economic development in the Amerindian Villages and Communities.

Some of the projects supported include: Women’s Small Businesses (Sewing Centers), Documentation Centers, Multi-Purpose Buildings, Village offices, Guest House/Eco Lodges, Community Centers, Cassava Mills, Pavilions, upgrading of trails and Construction of Bridges. Villages also benefit from Tractors and Trailers, ATVs, Mini Buses, 4×4 Pickups, Boat and engines, Chain saws, Brush Cutters, Generators and Agricultural Tools.