The Presidential Grant is one of the major interventions being undertaken by the Government aimed at boosting economic and social development for Indigenous People in the respective villages and communities.

Villages and communities receive specific sums which range from $500,000 to $2,000,000 according to population size.

The allocation of grants commenced in October, 2007 with a total of One hundred and fifty million dollars (G$150,000,000) allocated towards meeting the social and economic needs of one hundred and thirty nine villages and communities (139).

This level of commitment continued throughout the years and in 2016 the Jubilee Grant was approved in celebration of Guyana’s 50thYear of Independence totaling two hundred and eighty million five hundred thousand dollars ($280,500,000) for two hundred and twelve villages, satellites and communities.

In 2017, Some two hundred and fifteen million dollars ($215,000,000) was approved for 215 villages, satellites and communities.

The Presidential Grant has no doubt significantly improved the standard of living in the villages through socio-economic projects but not limited to Agriculture, Infrastructure, Transportation, Socio-Cultural projects, tourism, and community development as a whole.

Projects supported under the Presidential Grant initiatives include:

–          Transportation (Procurement of boats, engines, mini buses, tractors, trailers and its
implements and ATV  for general transportation

–          Agricultural Projects (cattle farming, chicken rearing, cash crop farming)

–          Machinery & Equipment (Chain saws, brush cutters, generators)

–          Tourism (Guest houses, Eco Lodges, benabs)

–          Productive Infrastructure (Pavilions, Multi-purpose Halls, Village Offices, Village shops Roads, trails, bridges, revetments)


Government continues to fulfill its mandate for the development of Indigenous communities; and the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs continues to issue Presidential Grants (PGs) in response to requests coming from the villages and communities to support projects.

For the period January- December, 2016, a total of 206 villages, satellites and communities received Jubilee Grants from all ten administrative regions valued at two hundred and seventy four million five hundred thousand dollars ($274,500.000).

The grants covered Agricultural based projects, poultry rearing, land and water transportation, eco-tourism and other community infrastructure projects.