Vision Statement of the Indigenous Residence

The Indigenous Residence desires to create a safe and sanitary environment for Hinterland people needing medical services and to provide recreation services, counseling, nursing care, and educational services to improve the health and welfare of Amerindians while they seek services in Georgetown. We desire for all visitors to the Amerindian Residence leaving fully satisfied with the service provided to them.


The Indigenous Residence was established in 1976, with the aim of providing accommodation to Hinterland students pursuing higher level of education not available in the Hinterland especially those in the field of Medicine i.e. Medexes, Community Health Workers. Toshaos and business persons were also accommodated. The Residence would also provide a shelter for those patients who have been referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for medical attention.

Over the years, the purpose of this facility had evolved such that the most significant proportion of persons being accommodated is patients and those accompanying them. The Residence has also expanded its services to encompass persons in difficult situations including Domestic Violence, Trafficking in Persons, labor issues, discharged prisoners or any other similar situation


There are 113 beds for patients – 40 for females in the female section, 47 males in the male section and 5 beds in Sick Bay (2 self- contained rooms) for either male or female depending on the nature of the illness. There are 21 beds in the maternity area for both pregnant and baby mothers

There are also 22 beds for guests including Village Toshaos, Village Councilors, CDOs, CSOs, persons pursuing NIS benefits or other benefits and travelers. A small fee of $500 per night is charge to travelers.


Administrator – 1: Head of the Indigenous Residence and Supervising Officer of this department. Is responsible for quality service provide to those accommodated (patients and guest) and provision of meals to those entitled. She is responsible for all maintenance works

Administrative Support Officer – 1:  To assist the Administrator and perform in that capacity during her absence.  He also is responsible for supervising cleaners, washers and handyman.

Both officers work closely together to achieve the goals and objectives of the Residence.

Welfare Officer – 1: To look into welfare matters, assist with old age pension, public assistance, labour issues, teenage mothers, abuse cases. To liaise with Child Protection Agency, Guyana Police Force and other agencies, counsel teenage mothers and abuse cases and to make intervention on behalf of Indigenous peoples of such issues that may affects their well-being from time to time.

Staff Nurse – 1: To take referred and non-referred patients to GPHC for proper medical care, to meet and discuss with their doctors in regards to their health and advise patients concerning their treatment and  follow up clinics.

Nursing Assistant – 1:  To assist the staff nurse with patients that seeks medical care at GPHC. She also has special responsibilities towards TB and HIV patients.

Radio Operator – 1: To receive and transmit messages to and from interior locations from the ministry, other government Ministries, agencies and patient’s relatives. Also act as receptionist.

Cooks – 3: Is responsible for preparing patients’ meals three times per day and snacks. There are 2 shifts – morning shift 6 am to 2 pm and afternoon shift 1 pm to 9 pm.

Assistant Cooks – 4: To assist the cooks, in preparing meals on a daily basis, cleaning in the kitchen and dining hall daily also cleaning the walls and cob webbing of the areas from time to time.

Cleaners – 4: To clean both male and female dorms, Admin Office, Nurse Section and maternity area.

Household Service Workers (washers) – 3: Are to wash all bed linens, curtains, table cloth and patient clothes

Handyman – 1:  Is responsible for keeping the surroundings clean, assist in the stores and also any other assignment given by the Administrator.