Aishalton is a Titled Amerindian community located in Deep South Rupununi Region 9 (UpperTakutu- Upper Essequibo). It has a land mass of 430.92 square miles and has a population of over 1,000 consisting mostly of the Wapichan nation. Aishalton is approximately 60 miles Southeast of Lethem. The Village has access to its own hospital, police station, sports ground, community centers, local electricity grid and the internet. Aishalton also has a nursery, primary and secondary schools. Aishalton is considered the hub for other Amerindian Villages in located in the Deep South Area. This Village is accessible by road and air. It takes approximately 18 hours to drive, and one and a half hours to fly from Georgetown to Aishalton.

Satellite/s Churikadnau
Area of Land166.38 sq. miles
Titled/UntitledTitled & Demarcated
Name of Current Toshao (2012)Bernard Conrad
Total Number Councillors13
Number of CSO’s14
Total Population 1018
Number of households224
1 st LanguageWapichan
2 nd LanguageEnglish
Means of communicationHF 2-way radio system, internet
Means of Electricity None
Types of transportationBicycle, motorcycle, 4x4 vehicle, tractor, bullock cart
Nearest Town or Village for marketing linkages Lethem (160 km away)
Major economic activitiesSubsistence farming, fishing, small grocery shops, guest house
Name of Nursery SchoolAishalton Nursery School (Grade C)
Number of Nursery School Students65 (37 males, 28 females)
Name of Primary School StudentsAishalton Primary School
Number of Primary School Students208 (107 boys, 101 girls)
Number of Primary School Teachers7
Status of Teachers (trained/untrained)6 trained, 1 untrained
Name of Secondary SchoolAishalton Secondary School
Number of Secondary School Students262
Type of Health FacilityDistrict Hospital
Health Personnel1 Doctor, 1 Medex, 2 midwives, 1 Nursing Assistant, 1 dentex, 1 Malaria Microscopist, 1 Environmental Health Assistant, 1 Senior Community Health Worker, 2 ward maids, 2 cooks, 1 clerk, 2 porters, 1 laundress.
Source of Water Supply Pipe
Other Main BuildingsVillage Office, Sub-regional Admin Office, Resource Building, Community Complex, 7 churches, Sewing Group Building, Rice Mill building
Other Infrastructure Sports ground, stretched, electrical cables, airstrip
Other Equipment Rice mill, generator, solar panel, fogging machine, grass slasher, power saw, and mist blower.
List of Social Groups and ClubsAishalton Traditional Dance Group, Rice Farmers Committee, Aishalton Youth Group, Eagles Sports Club, Women’s Sewing Group, WWG Women’s Group, WWA Women’s Group, Aishalton Developers Group, Water and Sanitation Committee, Malaria Control Committee