Rewa is a small developing community which is situated on the left bank of the Rupununi River. It is a recognized community and in 2008 received its land title. The name “Rewa” comes from the Wapichan word for a tree called the iliwa tree. During the years of 1940-1950s the Booker brothers, McConnell and company came to the area and introduced bleeding Batata latex from the bullet wood tree. Two men were involved in this operation George William and Nicolas Edwards. Most of the residence of Rewa originally came from Massara village but because of the population increase during the time of Balata bleeding the village was no longer large enough. Nicolas Edwards and his family moved to the area which is now Rewa in 1975, becoming the first family of the village.

Main Village Massara
RegionRegion 9
Area of Land184.8 sq miles
Current Senior Councilor (2012)Daniel Haynes
Former Senior Councilor Patrick Honorio
Total Number of Councillors6
Number of CSO’s10
Total Population 271
Number of households48
1 st LanguageMakushi
2 nd Language Wapishiana
ReligionChristian Brethren
Means of communicationHF Radio
Means of Electricity None
Types of transportationBicycle, walking, boat engine, paddle boat
Nearest Town or Village for marketing linkages Annai Village
Seasonal patternsWet and Dry Season
Soil TypeSandy soil
Major economic activitiesSubsistence farming, fishing, small grocery shops, eco lodge
Name of Nursery SchoolRewa Nursery School
Number of Nursery School Students18
Name of Primary SchoolRewa Primary School
Number of Primary School Students59
Type of Health FacilityRewa Health Post
Health PersonnelCommunity Health Workers
Source of Water Supply Rain water, River water
Other Main BuildingsPrimary school, health centre, church, women’s sewing center, village shop, HMS Quarters, Nursery school, Village office, village canteen, club house, eco-lodge
Other Infrastructure Road, electricity, housing, bridges, internet, an airstrip, water system.
Other Equipment 3 out board motor 15 Yamaha, 3 chainsaws, 3 aluminum boats, 1 generator, 1 HF radio, 8 sewing machines.
List of Social Groups and ClubsSports club, women’s sewing group, youth initiative church groups, eco-lodge, junior wildlife club.