Sawariwau Village is said to be the oldest Wapichan Village in the Southern Rupununi. It was established or founded in the mid-eighteenth century. Sawariwau got its name from a particular type of palm that grows along the nearby creek, the Wapichan Nord. The village is situated 70 miles south of Lethem and 21 miles east of the Brazilian border of the Takutu River.

Satellite/s 9 (South Central Rupununi)
Region517 square miles
Titled/UntitledTo be titled
Name of Current Toshao (2012)Gregory Thomas
Name of Former ToshaoDerrick Johnson
Total Number Councillors11
Number of CSO’s8
Total Population 623
Number of households104
1 st LanguageWapichan
2 nd LanguageEnglish
ReligionChristian (Roman Catholic)
Means of communicationSolar Radio
Means of Electricity None
Types of transportationBicycles, motorcycles, bullock carts
Nearest Town or Village for marketing linkages Lethem
Major economic activitiesAgriculture Farming (Peanut, Vegetables, Cassava)
Livestock Rearing ( Pig, cow, sheep, poultry)
Vegetable farm104
Name of Nursery SchoolSawariwau Nursery School
Number of Nursery School Students36
Name of Primary School StudentsSawariwau Primary School
Number of Primary School Students195
Name of Secondary SchoolSawariwau Secondary Department
Number of Secondary School Students89
Type of Health FacilityHealth Post
Health Personnel1 Community Health Worker
2 Microscopists
Source of Water Supply Rainwater
Other Main BuildingsVillage Office, Church , Hot meal Kitchen, Market Building , Church Sewing Centre Church Sunday School Building
Other Infrastructure Village Airstip, Sawariwau River Bridge, Sports Complex
Other Equipment 2 public radio sets, 1 private radio set, 1 cassava mill, 2 sewing machines
List of Social Groups and ClubsAmerindians Peoples Association Unit
Sawariwau Women’s Group
Youth Group
Community Policing Group
Village Disaster Preparedness Committee