The village Shiriri got its name from a nearby mountain. Shiriri is a satellite village of Potarinau Village, this is where the main governance structure for the village lies, Shiriri is headed by a senior councilor. The village is located approximately 56 miles from Lethem and is East of the Brazilian boarder. It was established in 1892 by a man named Pishute along with a number of other families in the village.  Shiriri has a rich history. The major economic activities include agricultural production and livestock rearing. This is accompanied by traditional fishing and hunting activities.

Satellite/s Satellite of Potarinau
RegionRegion 9
Area of LandNot stated
Titled/UntitledUntitled satellite area
Name of Current Toshao (2012)Paulinus Albert
Name of Former ToshaoRaymond Griffith
Name of Current Senior CouncilorChris Duncan Snr.
Total Number Councillors3
Senior Councillor1
Number of CSO’s6
Total Population 83
Number of households13
1 st LanguageWapishania
2 nd LanguageEnglish
ReligionChristian ( Roman Catholic)
Means of communicationSolar powered radio set
Means of Electricity None
Types of transportationFoot, bicycle and bullock cart
Nearest Town or Village for marketing linkages Lethem
Major economic activitiesAgricultural farming, livestock raising
Name of Nursery SchoolShiriri Nursery
Number of Nursery School Students23
Name of Primary School StudentsShiriri Primary
Number of Primary School Students29
Name of Secondary SchoolShiriri Secondary Department
Number of Secondary School Students87
Type of Health FacilityShiriri Health Post
Health PersonnelCommunity Health Workers
Source of Water Supply Creek and dug wells
Other Main BuildingsSchool, Heather Post, Roman Catholic Church
Teachers’ Quarters
Other Equipment 2 chainsaws, 2 radio sets, 2 solar panels
List of Social Groups and ClubsPrimary School PTFA body, Global Fund ( Malaria Group), Shiriri Sports Club, PPP Group