Surama is a satellite village of Annai, located in Region 9. The word Surama, originally “shuramata” means the place of spoiled Bar-B-Que (or where Bar-B-Que spoiled). This name was derived during tribal conflict between the Makushi and Carib many, many years ago.

Surama village is situated in 5 sq miles of savannah land, surrounded by forest, hills and mountains of the Pakariama mountain range. The life of the people is centered in the artsand understanding of how to live with nature. It is a simple and basic way of life, living according to the laws of nature.

The population is 292 and this population lives off the knowledge of the land. Although Surama has seen many, many moons, it was only in 1974 that Mr. Robert Fredrick Allicock and Thopheilus Vanavus Allicock invited a group of friends from Kwatamang and Wowetta to join 4 families in Surama to organize a proper village system which would allow better management of the natural resources including the people. This started with 86 souls- adults and children.

SatelliteSurama Satellite
Main Village Annai
Current Senior Councilor (2012)Michael Allicock
Former Senior Councilor Allicock Jacqueline
Total Number of Councillors7
Number of CSO’s21
Total Population of 2009292
Number of households52
1 st LanguageWapichan
2 nd Language English
Means of communicationHF 2-way radio system, internet
Means of Electricity None
Types of transportationBicycle, motorcycle, 4x4 vehicle, tractor, bullock cart
Nearest Town or Village for marketing linkages Lethem (160 km away)
Seasonal patternsRainy season (May, June, July, December)
Soil Type
Major economic activitiesSubsistence farming, fishing, small grocery shops, eco lodges, guest house, poultry farm
Name of Nursery SchoolSurama Nursery School
Number of Nursery School Students27
Name of Primary SchoolSurama Primary School
Number of Primary School Students61
Type of Health FacilityHealth Post
Health Personnel1 Community Health Worker
Common illness affecting CommunitiesMalaria, common cold
Source of Water Supply Rainwater, Piped Water, Wells, Protected wells
Other Main BuildingsVillage Office, , Government Guest House, Community Centre, Church, teacher quarters, resource centre
Other Infrastructure Roads, bridges,
List of Social Groups and ClubsWomen’s Group, Youth’s Group , Church Groups, Sports Group