The area that is now Yakarinta was known as “Konowaije” by the Makushi people; named after a bush in the area. The Carib people called that same bush “yakarmiti”, which is the name the village originally came from. The first Makushi person who came to the area was Charley Brown, he came from north of Yakarinta. Later Sidney Benjiman a fellow Makushi ended up joining him in the area during a trip to Georgetown. Later other settlers from Pikiriikire, came and joined the area. At this point the community was largely controlled by the Anglican Church.  The community has now grown into a village in the Rupununi in Region #9, and is accessible by road.

Name Yakarinta
RegionRegion 9
Area of Land28,500 acres
Name of Toshao (Re-elected 2012)Matthew Alexander
Total Number of Councillors12
Number of CSO’s20
Total Population of 2009582
Number of households95
1 st LanguageWapichan
2 nd LanguageEnglish
Means of communicationRadio
Means of Electricity None
Types of transportationBicycle, bullock cart, motorcycle, horse, tracker, walking
Nearest Town or Village for marketing linkages Lethem
Soil TypeSandy Loam
Major economic activitiesFarming Cattle Rearing
Name of Nursery SchoolYakarinta Nursery
Number of Nursery School Students27
Name of Primary SchoolYakarinta Primary School
Number of Primary School Students128
Type of Health FacilityHealth Post
Health PersonnelCommunity Health Workers
Source of Water Supply Dugout well- hand pump
Other Main BuildingsSchools, Village office, Community Centre, School Snack kitchen, Church, Teachers Quarters.
List of Social Groups and ClubsSports Club, Junior Wildlife club, Women’s Sewing group, Youth Initiative Group