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Full Hinterland Scholarships for 13 top NGSA Students from Region 9 – Minister Allicock announces

Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock today announced that thirteen students from Region 9 who excelled the at recent national Grade Six Assessment will be receiving full Hinterland Scholarships to attend Secondary Schools.

Minister Allicock made the announcement during the National Grade Six Assessment Awards Ceremony hosted at the Indigenous Conference Center located in Central Lethem Region 9.

The students will be attending schools in Georgetown, Lethem and Aishalton.

During his address the Minister reminded students to continue on the journey they have started since Guyana needs their expertise.

He said “you have set a good example, you are setting a pace for those to come, you are setting the bar and be that leader that we have found, be that hard worker that you are, looking for excellence, dedication and commitment to being the very best you can in this growing country”.

The Minister told the students that the Ministry of Education, their teachers and parents are extremely proud of them and assured that “the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs will continue to give the support that is necessary for enhancing your education…over the last four years the pass rate was 15%, as it stands today as far as my information goes we are at 45% ”.

It was pointed out by the Minister that back in 2015 examination results indicated that Regions 1, 7, 8 and 9 were below the National Average “but I can tell you today, you have made that change, you have done what we were expecting and we know we can depend on you once we give you that opportunity”.

The Regions top student Alana Lewis from Haiwa Primary School attained 512 marks and will be attending the Bishops High School, Kateria DaSilva St Ignatius Primary with 504 marks and gained a place at the St. Roses High, while Etan Gursahai Arapaima Primary with 501 marks and a place at the St. Joseph High.

Tikliisha Vanlong from Annai Primary attained 494 marks and a place at Annai Secondary, Jayden Spencer from St. Ignatius Primary 492 and a place at St. Ignatius Secondary Shawna Smith from Aishalotn Primary gained 488 marks and a place at Aishalton Secondary, while Matt James from Aishalton Primary gained 487 marks and a place at Aishalton Secondary.

Aishalton’s Primary Osuna La Rose gained 484 marks and a place at Aishalton Secondary, Tianna Gomes from St. Ignatius Primary gained 476 marks and a place at St. Ignatius Secondary, while Allinie Roberio from St. Ignatius Primary gained 474 marks and a place at St. Ignatius Secondary.

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