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Govt launches Electronic Planning and Development Single Window System



President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali delivering the feature address at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC)

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The Ministry of Housing and Water’s Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) in Guyana has launched the Electronic Planning and Development Single Window System. This new platform is designed to simplify the planning and development application process, making it easier for both local and international investors to conduct business.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, speaking at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, described the Single Window System as a centralized entry point for all planning and development applications. Users can now submit, monitor, and track their applications from any location, receiving real-time updates via email. The system aims to reduce the permit processing time from three months to a streamlined 30-45 days.

President Ali emphasized that this innovation positions Guyana as a leader in technological advancement and business efficiency in the region. He criticized the previous bureaucratic delays that hindered investments and job creation, stating that the new system is essential for keeping up with the country’s rapid growth.

Developed in partnership with the private sector and the National Data Management Agency (NDMA), the portal aims to eliminate human biases and increase transparency and efficiency. President Ali noted that this system could be shared with other countries in the region to improve their business processes.

Minister Susan Rodrigues highlighted the government’s commitment to modernization and efficiency, stressing that the new system is a significant step toward reducing bureaucracy and fostering a business-friendly environment. Komal Singh, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, recalled that the old red tape system resulted in the loss of US$1 billion in investments in 2020.

The system’s daily operations will be managed by a dedicated unit, ensuring data maintenance and user assistance. The Planning and Development Single Window Platform (PDSWP) Bill, passed in July 2023, established the legal framework for this digital portal, which was developed with input from various local, regional, and international stakeholders.


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