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Hinterland Scholarships Division churns out 97 youths in 2019 – respective communities to benefit

Ninety-seven students from the Hinterland Scholarship Division in the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs have successfully completed the Secondary Education Program and will soon be pursuing bigger dreams.

The Scholarship Division held its annual Graduation Exercise Wednesday last at the Umana Yana, Kingston where students received certificates and trophies for consistent academic performances.

Minister within the Ministry Valerie Garrido-Lowe and Permanent Secretary Alfred King were among other staff, relatives, friends and well-wishers present to congratulate the graduates.

During the feature address Minister Garrido-Lowe noted that “it is very pleasing that we are sending skilled persons into the respective regions to better their communities…..Human Capital Development is a front burner subject of any Governments agenda. Our Government is proud of the fact that we have been allocating much more resources towards this cause, and this has been resulting in the way we approach development in Guyana”.

The Minister reminded that Guyana is on the cusp of economic transformation and the role every citizen play is paramount while noting that “we need more educators, health workers, professional agriculturists and business people. The Ministry of Indigenous peoples’ Affairs has been tirelessly doing its part and will continue to push harder for real time development of our peoples”.



Over the past two years, Minister Garrido-Lowe has been championing several sustainable economic projects in the various regions and she took the opportunity to challenge the young people to pursue a higher education since “we need technical and qualified people to carry out these initiatives to the highest level”.

Quoting from the Nobel Prize winner for Physics, the renowned Albert Einstein who said once said “education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”, Member of Parliament and Ministerial Advisor Mervin Williams challenged the graduates that “having achieved what you have achieved, I believe it is imperative that you pay keen attention to Einstein’s admonition, you are now at a stage where you must train the mind to think”.

He also reminded that “the world is an open space; the world is an open place and the opportunities are yours and your Government will continue to support you as it has supported you through your secondary education”.

Reflecting on the years that are now behind them Amisha Ramdin of St. Ignatius Secondary said “I am grateful for the scholarship that I was awarded it came as a surprise to me…. and now five years have passed. I would like to thank everyone who have contributed to my success”.

Shanoya George of Plaisance Secondary School said “a big thank you to the Government for its continuous support both financially and for providing us with the things that were requested and for the things that were given to us which was seen as convenience to us”.

Meanwhile, the Hinterland Scholarship Department under the watchful eye of Senior Welfare Officer Mrs. Rosamond Daly, students continue to demonstrate marked performances with Resada Hack of Bartica and who attended Queen College in 2018 earned sixteen grade ones, three grade two’s and one grade three.

Khadeeja Kissoon of Apranaputa Valley and who attended the J.C Chandy Singh Secondary School earned ten grade ones, six grade two’s and one grade three, while Vishal Narine from Bartica and who attended the Anna Regina Multilateral School earned thirteen grade ones and one grade two.

Some six hundred and eight students are currently enrolled in the program across all ten administrative regions.

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