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MOAA Kicks Off ADF-GRIF Scoping Mission And Business Development Trainings In 3 Regions

To support and facilitate a participatory community process that would result in the  implementation of the chosen business ventures  by the various villages and communities , the MoAA ADF-GRIF Projects Unit conducted  Scoping Missions and Business Development Trainings in  Regions 2 ,  8 and 9  respectively in three separate visits.

This  is to prepare the Amerindian villages and communities for the disbursement of Micro-capital grants (MCG), guaranteed to them under the LCDS-GRIF amounting to GYD 5M  to set-up and run a business venture.  The meetings and trainings were held to discuss the Implementation Plan as agreed to by the Community members.. The mission also sought to sign the Micro-capital Grant Agreement and determine the technical and procurement requirements of each project.  Once the MCG agreements are signed, said villages can finally start their business ventures pending release of funds from UNDP.  Twenty (23 villages/ communities the aforesaid regions have thus far signed the MCG agreements.

There were  ten (10) villages in Region 9 ,  and eight (8) in region 8  that participated in the training  from February 5-21,  2015 while  eight ( 8 ) villages/communities in Region 2  attended the same from March 8-14, 2015.

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